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AdDataEXPRESS®, updated bi-weekly, is selected by 95%+ of our subscribing entities. AdDataEXPRESS® is a content and feature-rich web application housing vital media sales data for 10,000+ top brands. It also stores folders, notes, search, and export data for your individual users. While not a CRM substitute, its contact-heavy database content, supplemented by user-generated content fields, presents content plus information storage and retrieval options for your users that go beyond those of other prospecting resources.

Being brand-based, AdDataEXPRESS®'s granularity is helpful for those using offerings from Kantar Media, Nielsen, MRI, Mendelsohn, and other proprietary and syndicated media research and sales development resources, many of whom also use Advertising Database as a primary prospecting tool. And certain AdDataEXPRESS® field data is exportable to Excel for up to 750 brands per user per month, for work in proprietary CRM (e.g., Salesforce.com, Act!) or communications (e.g,. Excel, Outlook) files.
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